xPON Access Solution

RCNS Innovative FTTX solutions using RCNET EPON and GPON products allow to build future-proof networks, supporting services today and tomorrow.

In recent years, the burgeoning demand of high speed Internet, IP telephony, Video on demand (VoD), IP Television, interactive gaming and video conference etc. accelerate the requirement of bandwidth. The First Mile’s bottleneck problem between high-capacity local area networks (LANs) and the backbone network is much serious one. Passive optical network (PON) is the main trend of FTTX because of its merits: long transmission distance, high bandwidth, cost-efficiency and multiservice convergence etc. Therefore, PON is paid much attention to by carriers. PON systems can support triple play service: voice, video and data.

RCNET has developed series products using EPON & GPON FTTX technology in a transparent form, thus enabling all kinds of services through one infrastructure. This infrastructure integrates both a full duplex Ethernet based network using one single-mode fiber.

FTTx for Every Service Provider Application

Fiber to the Home: Active and PON-based FTTx launched from a central office location(OLT) to single family residences(ONU/ONT) Fiber to the Building: Active fiber deployments to Multi-Dwelling Units (MDU’s) from a central office to the telecommunications room of the MDU, even fully distributed throughout the building to each living unit. Examples include apartments, condominiums, hotels, dormitories and barracks on military bases. Fiber to the Cabinet (or Curb): Fiber is often deployed to a neighborhood outdoor electronics cabinet where subscriber services are then distributed over fiber or copper to nearby residences or businesses. Fiber to the Business: Active fiber to a business data room where service is distributed to users. Applications extend to retail/malls, service providers, end-users, and large corporate business campuses.