Wireless Network Solutions

The seamless systems designed by RCNET with the support of the best technologies, help set up access points for wireless networking sans the controller or an overlay network.
We provide wireless solutions to all the leading industries according to their demands and requirements. We have customized solutions for Enterprise, SMB & Home wireless users. We do cloud based Wireless management solutions, Point to Point & Point to Multi Point high bandwidth RF based solutions for large enterprise connectivity.
Our Wireless Technologies Include:
  1. Wifi- Hotspot Solutions
RCNET  helps set up  hotspots to access Internet using Wi-Fi technology for business or personal use. With security checks and hack proof passwords, you can be assured of secure downloads & browsing. Enjoy the freedom of wireless technologies with RCNET.
2. Campus Wi-Fi Solutions.
RCNET helps set up hotspots within campuses to access Internet within set perimeter using Wi-Fi technology for secure downloads & browsing.