Telephonic and VoIP

Organizations continue to maintain PBX (private branch exchange) telephone system to communicate between users and giving access to some lines for outgoing calls too. With RC Network Solutions, these lines can be installed, added and upgraded based on user needs through time. We have a range of PABX systems, including traditional on-site PABXs or off-site Virtual PABXs using normal PSTN telephone lines, VoIP or both. When it comes to business phones, finding the right solution to fit your business requirements can be difficult. .

Use IP phones and skip the second network. If you’re just starting out and haven’t wired your new office yet, you can save even more by using Driven Technologies PABX Telephony Solution with IP telephones. Since IP phones share your computer network, you don’t need two different networks. Less wire, less equipment, less complication and, of course, less expense. Use VoIP to reduce or eliminate long distance bills; RCNS PABX Telephony works with VoIP as well as it does with the traditional network. You can connect multiple branches over the Internet or integrate offerings from VoIP service providers.